Strength and Hope Therapy Center, LLC

Our Mission

Reduce emotional suffering and improve emotional well-being through quality of care, Evidence-Based Practices, the promotion of research, and the empowering of, both, clients and employees alike.

Our Vision

For all that encounter Strength and Hope Therapy Center to leave with a sense of empowerment, a desire to “pay it forward,” and an instilled hope of the possibility of arriving at the intersection of quality of care, equity for all, and a brighter horizon that can be accessed by all despite any current circumstances.

Our Promise

• To treat ALL with dignity and respect
• To ensure a quick turn around between the time of initial contact and the time of response (24-hours or less (except on holidays & weekends); regardless of whether we are the best fit for you or not
• To provide a referral to someone that can help, if we cannot help
• To engage in transparent practices
• To allow for self-determination (as long as safety is not compromised)
• To uphold the utmost ethical standards
• To provide high quality services
• To provide you with Evidence-Based-Treatment
• To always work to enhance the quality of our services based on your feedback
• To address any concerns in a timely & professional manner
• To value you as a human being and not as a transaction
• To treat ALL with dignity and respect

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